Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Don't Do Weddings... (Staunton, VA)

 I don't do weddings, but......

A coworker of mine got married in September.
They didn't have the budget for a photographer.
I couldn't just sit there as a guest 
and NOT take a few photos.
She needed at least one Beautiful portrait.

So, my gift to her...


 Congratulations David and Katelyn!!

Thank you for letting me do this for you.

The Weary Travelers (Louisa, VA)

A few weeks ago, I had some clients who drove 
all the way from Pennsylvania
just to have me photograph their little family.
What an honor.

We were supposed to do the session on a Friday evening,
but due to car trouble, traffic, 
and then "no room at the Inn", 
their session didn't happen until 
the following morning.
And what a Gorgeous morning it was...

Thank you "D" family for
everything you went through
just so I could take your pictures.
I hope I did you proud!